Friends of Chamber Music’s 75th Season Posters

For this season’s look I decided to riff on the cyanotype and the x-ray or “Ray-o-gram” process from photography’s experimental days of olde! This was inspired by an exhibit by Jonah Samson that I reviewed early in 2022 for Galleries West. Jonah has spent a great deal of time creating cyanotypes from natural materials and I recalled emulating the process for some editorial stories I needed to illustrate years ago. I thought it would be a bold and striking way to market chamber music so I gathered various instrument parts and did some scanning and tweaking to get the graphic effect you see here. Font is the bold and reliable standard for vertical readability; Poster Gothic

Sooner or later, over ten concert posters, you get tired of all the blue!

And one last poster for the Emerson Quartet’s last ever Vancouver appearance.

About Mark Mushet

I'm a Vancouver-based photographer, video producer and occasional designer who provides top-flight imaging and media services for local and international clients in business and the arts.
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