The Lure of the Lightbox

This is my latest work for Vancouver’s premier chamber music presenter: Friends of Chamber Music, now in their 71st season! In addition to the street posters I’ve created a new, more abstract look that foregrounds the group and repertoire info for a series of lightbox ads. Placed in backlit vertically mounted screens at the city’s theatres, people often watch these turn over several times. Highly effective! You’re probably wondering where the photography is in all this. It’s there. I designed these around images I made from paint store sample strips. The composition and feel comes from an appreciation of 20th century abstract painting…and even Brian Eno’s light sculptures/installations of the 80s and 90s.

About Mark Mushet

I'm a Vancouver-based photographer, video producer and occasional designer who provides top-flight imaging and media services for local and international clients in business and the arts.
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