Passing Through

In the last few years I’ve had the opportunity to meet and photograph some of my favourite visiting artists who record for the ECM label in Germany. They’ve also been some of my favourite portrait sessions and I use the occasion to write about and highlight their new releases and concert appearances on my personal blog and on social media. I thought I’d post a few here. Upper left is the awesome trumpet player Avishai Cohen prior to headlining the Chutzpah Festival. Upper right is one of my favourite cellists; Anja Lechner, photographed at the Seattle Art Museum. Lower left is Simin Tander who was here for the Jazz Fest after a stunning performance at Christ Church Cathedral. Finally, lower right, a percussionist with few peers; Thomas Strønen, photographed at Ironworks prior to a recent Jazz Fest engagement.

About Mark Mushet

I'm a Vancouver-based photographer, video producer and occasional designer who provides top-flight imaging and media services for local and international clients in business and the arts.
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